A project from Community category, initiated by AIESEC Cluj-Napoca

    • 06 Mar 2016

      Proiectul AIESEC 22 a fost un succes!


      Ne bucurăm să te înştiinţăm că proiectul AIESEC 22 a fost finanţat! Cu siguranţă nu am fi reuşit fară tine şi îţi mulţumim din suflet pentru sprijinul acordat.

      Comunitatea AIESEC a arătat încă o dată că este unită şi că experienţa dobândită în această organizaţie are impact asupra noastră pentru tot restul vieţii.

      Te aşteptăm în data de 12 Martie, începând cu ora 17:00, la Hotel Ramada (Calea Turzii, nr. 43-49, Cluj-Napoca) pentru o seară de neuitat!

      O săptămână minunată!

    About the project

    Join the AIESEC Alumni Gala 22. Book your place now by following the steps below.

    We dearly invite you to attend the 22nd edition of AIESEC Alumni Gala Cluj-Napoca on March 12, 2016, at Hotel Ramada.

    Whether you've spent your youth in Cluj along with AIESEC members or have been with the organization and its members for better or for worse, in the role of an AIESEC member of another local or as a partner, we are eager to see you again.

    This year we celebrate 22 years (!) since AIESEC began working as a group of people with common interests and hobbies, in the old post building in Haşdeu, Cluj-Napoca.

    Do you realize? How many memories and friendships were created during this time? And many of them endure even today, among people who are thousands of miles away, on different continents, and can rarely meet.

    A group of alumni, supported by the 2015 EB, took over the responsibility of organizing the event and to bring as many alumni as possible, from all over the world.

    150, to be exact. But for that we need your help.


    We want to organize a gala that deserves its reputation, suitable for meeting alumni and providing both an atmosphere and a memorable experience.

    While looking for sponsors and partners and negotiating any expenditure to the blood, there still remains an amount to be covered from other sources. Thus, we want to support the uncovered budget spending with the help of alumni participating at the event (and not only).

    In addition, through this crowdfunding campaign we manage to be more transparent in organization and financial management so that every participant knows better what to expect and what they contributed for.


    The Gala will take place on March 12, 2016, at Hotel Ramada Cluj-Napoca (****).

    We started organizing the event (timidly) in March 2015, right at the end of the Gala with the number 21. Being dispersed throughout the world, it took us some time until we raced the engines and put in place all the plans and actions that we have to achieve.

    At the moment we are in the process of increasing alumni registration and your confirmation will help us go a step further.

    After the conference, within one month, we will make an evaluation report and deliver the rewards for each of the purchased packages.


    To organize the event we need an estimated of 2 250 EUR or 10 125 RON.

    Maybe it's not a large amount for an event of this size, but is necessary in order to keep the positive cash-flow of the organization.

    We do not want the organization and the new EB to run into debt right at the beginning of their term.

    If we fail to raise the necessary funds, we will have to reconsider the location and actions of the event and to narrow it. Thus it might happen to notice a decrease in the quality of the experience for the alumni attending the event.


    To organize the gala, we budgeted the following categories of expenses:

    1. Location: Hotel Ramada (****)

    2. Menu for each participant:

    Skewers of cherry tomatoes with mozzarella, mushrooms stuffed with vegetables, skewers gorgonzola with grapes, mini schnitzels of chicken, packages of vegetables, Chicken roulade with spinach and bacon, meatballs special baskets with chicken salad, Mini tart with leeks, Rollo tortilla with chicken, buns | Main course: chicken medallions with mozzarella and tomato served with potatoes golden fillet rolled in bacon served with rizotto peas, Mixed green salad with orange (iceberg lettuce, radichio, ruccola, lemon) | Dessert: orange tart

    3. Sound / DJ

    4. Fee's for an AIESEC trainee involved in OC (go exchange)

    5. Photo / Video

    6. Photo Booth

    7. T-Shirts

    8. Cake

    9. Champagne

    10. Fundraising / crowdfunding costs

    11. Prints: diplomas, stickers, stationery

    12. Gifts & surprises

    As mentioned, we will cover the expenses as much as possible with the help of partners and sponsors. But we cannot cover all the expenses only with their help.

    If we manage to remain with some extra money in the end, the whole amount will be managed by AIESEC to cover the fees for exchange and / or support the participation of members at conferences.


    First, by participating at the event. You being present on March 12 with the rest alumni will mean that we managed to mobilize and create a successful event.

    Secondly, by choosing one of the packages available, you will help support the costs of the event.

    To this end, we have created several packages to give you the opportunity to contribute as best as you can. And to get as many rewards for your contribution.


    EXPLORER: Cost: 10 LEI* - Value: priceless

    (*symbolic value)

    This package is for those alumni who cannot afford to pay even part of the minimum cost of participation at the gala.

    Because we are a community, we want to support those alumni who are at the beginning of their career and who can benefit from this experience.

    If however you can afford (and be honest with yourself) to purchase a package and to financially support your participation at the event, please continue reading.


    Sharing Development package is a good start for your participation at AIESEC Gala 22. For your contribution, we offer priority boarding at the event, including dinner and entertainment along with other alumni.


    We are happy to INSPIRE you to act and support the AIESEC Gala 22. For this package, we offer you priority boarding at the event, including dinner and entertainment along with other alumni.

    You also receive the official event shirt and personalized thank you message from EBs and LCPs. And a printed inspirational quote of your choice displayed in the AIESEC office.


    To challenge yourself is always wise and leads to success. The Exploring the Mind contribution gives you access to priority boarding to Gala including dinner and entertainment along with other alumni.

    You also receive the official event T-shirt and one vintage AIESEC T-Shirt along with a personalized thank you message from the EBs and LCPs.

    The LC will organize a brainstorming session, with 5 members, for you and you will receive a surprise gift brought by one of international interns.


    Because we know that you have some of the best friends from AIESEC, why don’t all of you come at the event together? We offer you a package that will reconnect you - all of you (5 alumni) will receive priority boarding at the event including dinner and entertainment along with other alumni.

    Each of you (5) will also receive the official event T-shirt and 5 personalized gifts brought by the international interns.

    Also, you’ll receive a special evening dedicated to you with board games and a dinner with the EB, with a personalized thank you message from them.


    We know you always wanted to be the brightest in the room :) Now you have the chance! The Performing Intellingence package gives you priority boarding at the event and includes dinner and entertainment along with other alumni.

    You also receive the official event shirt and personalized thank you message from EBs and LCPs.

    You’ll also be sponsoring a fee for an international internship and will receive a personalized gift for you from the trainee.

    You will receive an extra bonus: a unique and genuine copy of the SIGPEDACIM stone and you will be able to develop a core-work project that AIESEC will implement.


    You took one of the mentioned packages ? Great! All that remains is to get in possession of the rewards. This will happen during and immediately after the event when, along with your availability, the organizers will schedule the rewarding plan :)


    Q1. What happens if you raise more money?

    First, we’ll be very glad not enter into a financial hole (one was enough to be passed on and told to the next AIESEC generations).

    Then, any amount that exceeds the costs of organizing the Gala will be used to cover exchange fees and / or supporting the participation of members at conferences.

    Everything will be very transparent and assumed by the new EB.

    Q2. What happens if you do not raise enough money?

    If we fail to raise the necessary funds, we will have to reconsider the location and activities at the event and to narrow it. Thus it might happen to notice a decrease in the quality of the experience for the alumni attending the event.

    Those who have purchased any packages will still be able to participate at the event and we encourage them to bring other alumni with them and contribute to this cause :)

    Q3. How do I know how the money is used?

    We will generate a financial report at the end of the event that will be available for the alumni community. We commit to this kind of transparency and good resource management.

    Q4. If I cannot afford any package with a  financial value, can I join?

    In this particular case (and please be very honest with you), we created the JUNIOR package.

    Please have in mind, however, that organizing this event involves a cost that must be supported by others in this case.

    Q5. Why are there several types of packages?

    Because the desires and "giving back" possibilities of alumni differ, we decided that several types of packages and rewards may be more appealing for them.

    At the same time, this way we can support the participation of young alumni who are not yet financially stable and cannot purchase the lower value packages.

    Q6. If I cannot attend the gala can I still purchase one of the packages?

    Yes, of course. And in this case, both the organizers, AIESEC members and the rest of the alumni remain forever grateful.


    Did you make up your mind? All you have to do is choose one of the packages of participation at the AIESEC GALA 22 and be present at the event.

    Oh, and while we're here, you can convince another alumnus/ alumna to join ;)